Taking Notes

Smashing the glass ceiling of politics

Welcome to Arrive

Fast Forward 15, an award-winning mentorship programme, and She Stands, a posture, wellbeing, and confidence movement, have come together to create a free, cross-party mentorship programme for young women in politics: Arrive in Politics.


Arrive in Politics is a non-partisan, not-for-profit collaboration committed to closing the political gender gap. As the first-of-its-kind and unlike other mentorship structures, this is a governed programme with wellbeing and collaboration at the heart.


Our mission is to build a cross-party network of women who want to work together to solve the biggest issues facing our country and support each other in the pursuit of a more equitable future.

What we know


of MPs in the House of Commons are women


of MPs in the House of Commons are ethnic

minority women


of local authority councillors in England are women


of the current cabinet ministers are women

Female MPs received 25,688 abusive tweets during the 2017 election; 45% of those were aimed at Diane Abbott, the first black female MP

In the 92 years since the first female minister was appointment to the cabinet there have only been 48 female cabinet ministers

Global Rankings of Women

in Parliamentary Chambers














New Zealand







Beyond the numbers

We’ve been talking to women in politics, this is what they say:

Lack of long-term mentorship

Some mentorship pipelines exist within the parties, but women need more consistent, long-term support beyond the campaign trail and throughout their careers.

Lack of accessibility

Women are encouraged to stand, but once they are in office, the political infrastructure is not designed to support working women and mothers. As we challenge institutional inequalities, women need training in how to use the procedures and formal mechanisms already in place to support themselves.

Lack of cross-party support

Party alignment can be very polarising, and people are scared to get into politics because it is perceived to be confrontational, not collaborative. Connections across the aisle need to be nurtured

Lack of training to manage wellbeing and digital self care

Coming into the spotlight can be isolating and stressful, especially with the added burden of being one of few women in your field. Women need better tools to maintain their wellbeing and strategies to cope with online antagonism.

Mature Woman

Women aren't being supported to the level they need to be.

It's time for change.

It's time to Arrive.

The programme

Who it's for

The women who participate as mentees will come from all parties, backgrounds, ethnicities and locations throughout the UK.  We are passionate about removing financial barriers to politics so not only is this programme free, we aim to cover the cost of transportation and childcare (where needed) for any in-person programming.  

What you gain

During the 12-month programme, mentees and mentors work together to achieve break through goals and objectives.  By prioritising wellbeing and networking for women entering politics, we hope to change the nature of political collaboration.  Mentees will leave with relationships to sustain future connections and tools to claim their collective space.

What to expect (final dates TBC)

September 2021

Mentee applications open 

January/February 2022

Interview & selection process

April - October 2022

Mentoring starts (10 sessions)

2 Education & training days

3 Group / networking calls

Festival of The Girl initiative

December 2022


November 2021

Mentor briefing session

April 2022


October 2022

Mentee group project event

(fundraising, campaigning, debates etc.)


Inspiring the next generation

Arrive in Politics have partnered with Festival of The Girl to show young girls that women can take the lead and, most importantly, that there is space for them in politics.

By connecting primary schools from all over the UK with the inspirational mentees from our programme, we are committed to bringing together future leaders of all ages.

Our values


We prioritise mental health in a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding field.

Inspiration & Role Models

We inspire and elevate future leaders of all ages.

Intersectional Allyship

We centre and elevate the voices and visions of all women.


We achieve success through mutual support.


We aren’t afraid to ask tough questions and take on big goals.


We never stop learning.


We commit to making the political field accessible to everyone.

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